Toyota’s Land Cruiser LC79 is what normally fits in the off-roading category. Forget about SUVs, they’re nothing more than sugar-coated elephants on heels. The LC79 double cab is amazing on its own. Imagine how it gets when Patriot Campers get their skills into play. The LC79 Supertourer packs a lot of heat. The chassis is extended by 300mm to make room for a pop-up tent an canopy options: fridge, drawers and camping chair space.

Patriot Campers also did work on the drivetrain. First of all, standard wheels are switched for ROH models with Mickey Thompson tyres. The EFS suspension is now lasting for 3800 kg. Furthermore, it’s an unwritten guarantee that you can’t get stuck. Front and rear winches are definitely able to pull the double cabĀ even out of the depths of hell.

On the outside, other elements catch the eye. The LC 79 is using a GME heavy duty antenna for extended radio range. Also, Patriot Campers fitted a TJM Airtec Snorkel and Outback Bullbar. Beneath the hood, there is a 4.5 liter V8 capable of 200 hp and 430 Nm. However, as fans will notice, this is the standard LC79 engine. Maybe a bit of tuning would’ve been appreciated.

Finally, about the options. There are way too many to list them all. Option prices vary between $1,592 (second battery kit) and $12,940 (rear leaf to coil spring conversion). The best part is, you can compile the LC79 just how you want.

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