it’s easy to stay in awe at the philosophy of shaolin monks and their mental toughness. In order for one to become fully absorbed in the art, any art, it’s required that he or she give up any other influences.

Or, is it?

The monk with a Mini Cooper

Masa, a buddhist monk from a small village in Nagano, is different from my regular expectations of a shaolin. And probably different from your expectations as well.

Masa is a huge petrol-head, and his tuned Mini Cooper S is there to stand proof of his hobby.

Zen and horsepower

According to Masa, the old lifestyle of the monks is no longer feasible. If in old times, monks could go by in a minimalist way, acquiring goods by selling silk, it’s not the case today.

Also, the old tradition of monks not being allowed to marry has been waived as apprentices were becoming near impossible to find. Thus, with relaxed rules, the glimpsed of modernity protruded the conservative lifestyle.

Masa acquired the R53 Mini Cooper S from a friend, whom, according to Masa, was rarely driving it. After acquiring it, Masa raced the Mini Cooper on various touge races in the mountains of Nagano.

We don’t often get to see such an engineering pieces in a remote area, within a totally opposed culture. Yet, according to Masa, Zen and car enthusiasm have no need to be opposed. Read the full story on Speedhunters.


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