A Simple Question

Boys, we got a simple question for you today: which kind of man you like to be? The conventional, boring one? Or the one who likes to play by its very own rules? Choosing the answer shouldn’t be that difficult. First step is to agree with us that the BMW Mark II Series is a holy beast of a ride.

The bike is a product of a collaboration between BMW Motorrad designer Julian Weber ad Diamond Atelier. The result is not just a simple facelift for the 2-Valve Monolever. Look closer, it’s a fresh revival, an intricate way of saying „I do things in my own way!”

Only ten models will see the light of day, thus making it a top priority for you to have one roaring underneath your arms. The color of the cafe racer is at your own choosing, while the specs, featuring either an 800 or 1.000 cc engine, are customized in three different levels of modifications.

The most pleasant and valiant way of spelling „aggressive” is carved at the core of this bike. Should you allow it to be a part of your daily operations stands at the top of the question we asked above.