Have you ever seen the Tron Series? The movie back in the 80’s or it’s recent follow-up? You remember seeing the Light Cycles from those movies? Wouldn’t it be awesome to own one of those? While you can’t literally own a light cycle yet, there maybe be hope. As a result of innovative technology in automotive tech, BMW has released its newest concept.

The Motorrad Vision isn’t an ordinary bike by any means. Consequently, the Next 100 is supposed to call forward ideas of what transportation will look like in 30 years. But regardless of how forward thinking it may look, the tech within is truly a marvel. The technology in this could start to lead the industry, though for now this is simply a design. As cool as the Next 100 is, just realize that it’s not production ready. So if you were hoping to own one for your collection, you’ll just have to remain patient! But if BMW is already looking ahead, who knows what we can expect?

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