If you know even the least bit about cars, you’ve heard about Lamborghini’s. Whether through automotive enthusiasts or rappers, the name is synonymous with high-performance. But regardless of HOW you know the name, you certainly know it. This year, the Lamborghini company is celebrating a huge milestone in its lineage!

The company turned 100 years old this year. Also, to celebrate such a momentous occasion for the company, they’ve decided to do something awesome. They’ve released a limited model of the Centenario, a car that has been a staple for the company! The Centenario Roadster, as it’s called, is a monster of a car.

The owner of the company passed away in 1993, but the name lives on strongly. This spaceship sports 12-cylinders and an aggressive 770 Horsepower! It tears through the streets like a lion chasing a raptor with its ability to go 0-62 in 2.9 seconds. It bears the top speed of 217 miles and hour that is an impressive enough stat, but getting your car up to 62 MPH in under 100 feet is even more impressive still.

If the stats weren’t enough as a selling point, the design surely is. Its acute arcs make the car look futuristic, saying nothing of the interior itself. The wonderful brown leather and subtle passenger compartments work wonders. The design is literally built in such a way to help reduce turbulence and provide an even more comfortable ride for those who hop in your vehicle. This car is made for those who wish to honor the Lamborghini line, and this is one car you’ll want to add to your collection.

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