Living in an apartments for rent in savannah ga and owning a bike can sure be helpful, but it also has disadvantages. If you live in the countryside, there is plenty of space around your house for storing your bike, but in a city? Not too much. You need something that doesn’t take too much space, but it can keep your bicycle safe. But wait, there is this new product that came out recently, Airlock.

Airlock is a high security bicycle storage hanger that can save you a lot of space and a lot of worry. It is a wall-mounted storage, first of its kind. It has a hardened steel lock so your bicycle is going to be as secure as it can get.

You can install the storage hanger in your apartment, in your garage or even in your office. The choice is up to you. The triangular design looks elegant enough for any place and it is compatible with any types of bike. It has a rubberized lining to make sure the bike frame doesn’t get any scratches or dents.

The rubberized loading mouth doesn’t need to be lifted high up, you can install it in any position you like, because it is also in a horizontal configuration. You can store two bikes, one above the other, if you want to save more space.
And don’t worry about the weight of the bike. When installed properly, the Airlock storage hanger can support most types of bicycles, from a mountain bike to a road bike. You will get uniquely coded keys for your locking bolt. All you need to do to lock it is turn the key 90 degrees anticlockwise and the opposite if you want to unlock it. After that, nothing and nobody besides you can get that bike out!

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