Did anyone say surfer van? It seems that these pleasure generating minivans are up in fashion once again. One of the most popular iterations of the surfing era is Ford Econoline. Just a day ago one beautiful example was listed for auction on eBay ($16,900). Unfortunately, the auction was over in a blink of an eye. However, this does not stop us from sharing the beautiful piece of classic car making.

While the interior is showing natural signs of wear, the car is bright and shiny. There is no doubt it was customized sometime during the 70’s. However, it still comes in the right color code and brings all accessories.

This econoline is drawing power from a 302 V8 petrol engine. Even if the seller did not provide too much engine info, it’s known that these power units are sturdy and pass the test of time. Furthermore, basic maintenance skills and a strong will to fix and preserve a beautiful piece are enough to keep this van running.

It is sad to see that there are only a handful of vans that have aged properly. Unfortunately, most of the time owners have abused them or were left to die in junkyards. We are however grateful to be able to see a well preserved piece up and running. Check out the pics below: