Up Yours 01

DMOL’s Middle Finger to Motorcycles

As far as can be told, it seems as though DMOL had one heck of a time getting this custom built. Not only does it suggest it in the name, but it also spread across the product’s page. Newly finished tanks were dropped, bits broken, blood spilled and more.

But all things considered, just seeing the design of this beast of a bike, it must’ve been worth it. The sleek exterior of this bike shines with a dark sheen of anger. Its dark coat, called Beluga Black, has taken the majority of the bike. The back end has been modified alongside the dangerous, loud new engine they strapped on it.

The Copper coating takes the trim and secondary pieces and makes them shine on their own. Modern color mixing doesn’t stand for two colors standing out at once, yet this bike somehow does just that. Each piece stands on its own, yet blends well with everything around it. Even the pit of brass that they’ve thrown in there helps breath this bike to life.

But what probably makes this machine stand out as much as it does is the intricate design work that has gone into the mechanics. Brass chains, Copper Caps, the dropped in lights. For as much of a monster that this bike is, it’s hard to deny that sleek rounded look it sports. Nothing is sticking out or bulging where it shouldn’t, so this mean beast of a machine proves its worth on the road.

Up Yours 03