Who wouldn’t love a mobile toolbox – especially one that you can drive? Toyota is tickling the niche with Tj Cruiser Concept. The van is to be presented at next year’s Tokyo Auto Show and looks awesome, at least on paper.

The Tj Cruiser concept throws away all fluid and rounded design lines. Instead, it goes for sharp, flat surfaces all around the outer and inner elements. It really looks like a toolbox was the main inspiration point. There’s silver paint that slightly camouflages dirt gathered while running around fixing things.

All seats fold into the floor (apart from the driver seat) giving out a huge amount of storage space. Interior lines are straight and sharp cornered to boost cargo space as much as possible. The dashboard is looking rather futuristic. There seems to be a dashboard-long display where the instrument cluster is laid. Also, the steering wheel is oval with a button-rich rectangle acting as spokes.

Rumors indicate that Toyota is seriously considering a mass production of this model, much to the joy of field mechanics. Furthermore, it seems that this toolbox on wheels will feature a capable 2.0 liter engine and a hybrid system, all connected to a 4-wheel drive system that will reach even cars that are stranded on the countryside.

We’re really hoping to see one of these on the streets. However, it won’t come out any sooner than the start of the next decade.