The automotive world is developing fast, and they implement new technologies like no other sector does. A lot of money goes into researching and developing electric engines, which are considered to be the future. Indeed, they are great, because they allow designers to create things that have never been designed before.

For example, motorcycle designers can use a simple and compact electric motor instead of a bulky combustion engine, and they don’t have to use a massive fuel tank because they can fit flexible battery packages all around the bike, making it more compact and better looking.

The French engineers from Essence Motorcycles got on the „electrified” path and designed the E-Raw. The motorcycle might look odd at first, but after a while you’ll probably realize that it truly is a piece of art. Because of the advantages of electric engines, the designers didn’t need to put a massive fuel tank right in front of the seat.

They chose to highlight this by using a laminate seat unit instead of the „classic stuff”. Made from 80 layers of wood by using the same techniques that are used for surfboard manufacturing, the seat is surely going to attract a lot of attention and last for a good while.

Even though the E-Raw is powered by an electric engine, this doesn’t mean it is less fun to ride. Of course, you aren’t going to hear that godly music produced by a classic combustion engine, but this doesn’t mean that the fun is gone. The electric motor of this bike creates 133 foot-pounds of instantaneous torque, which makes this bike go from 0 to 62 mph in no more than 3,5 seconds. Still craving for that sound?

Besides, the 10.1 kWh battery which supplies the electric engine gives this motorcycle a range of around 115 miles per charge, not too shabby for a motorcycle in its class.

Unfortunately, at around $60,000, it is quite costly, but the manufacturers say that only 10 units are going to be produced! It isn’t going to be another one in a million bike, that’s for sure!