If there’s something every Dutch knows, it’s that bus tickets are highly expensive and owning a bike will make you healthier, faster, and also keep a decent amount of money in your pocket. Of course, bicycle culture doesn’t only exist in Netherlands, but it is also spread in Europe and Asia. While the regular chain-based bike design involves a bit of sweat and effort to run, especially on long distances, modern concepts provide an assistive mean to bike commuting.

Designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli have designed an electrical bike that seems to be taken out of a futuristic Sci-Fi movie. Called INgSOC, it combines the aerodynamic shape of a triathlon speed bike with the comfort and efficiency of a traditional design. Furthermore, it comes with an electric motor and battery, assisting the user in difficult terrain. INgSOC features three operating modes: full electric, assisted and battery charging.

While full electric mode takes away the need to crank the pedals, assisted mode only helps out by partially taking the load off the user. Assisting is especially useful when climbing steep hills, for example. When the battery is almost depleted, the bike turns to charging mode, where the user fully powers the bicycle and charges the battery.

The body of INgSOC features carbon and polymers, keeping it lightweight while ensuring high tensile strength. It comes by default in black and yellow colorways, but can be customized with a variety of patterns and skins.

ingsoc-1 ingsoc-3 ingsoc-9 ingsoc-12 ingsoc-13