The newest Volvos off the line are both familiar and strange. Honestly, they have cars pretty much optimized. As a result of a solid design, they have generally kept the reliable shape of the car. With relatively few changes to the aesthetics of the car, you’d pretty much assume it’s the same thing right?

Well, you’d be happily wrong. This newest design is slowly converting conventional thinking of vehicles. Consequently, they’ve added a bunch of spaceship type designs to boost the appeal of the car. With secret compartments for your shoes, and an actual computer in the passenger seat, this machine is an absolute must for the car collector.

With Volvo ramping up its production, it’s getting more aggressive with their business tactics. They claim that they’ve prepped themselves for a solid year ahead. With 2016 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead, perhaps the newest Volvo is just the thing to get your new year started.

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