Make Room For Big Waves

Mansory is a luxury car modfication giant coming out from Brang, Germany. The company started in 1989, founded by Kourosh Mansory. Since then, they wrote history in many aspects of engine based vehicles which required customization in order to fulfill their owners’ ambitions and match their style. They also work on luxury SUV, custom bikes and now, a maritime jet racer is here, right before our eyes.

The model was baptized Black Marlin, a jet ski based on the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS. It’s easily comprehensible that their creation will make waves amongst water sports enthusiasts or water cruising passionates, like yacht owners. First of all, the design is just spectacular. The materials used are of the highest quality, leaving a lot of room to work around the angles, shapes, curves, giving the final product an amazing look.

Black Marlin Is A Decision Made Without Any Compromise

In the time spent reimagining the jet ski, Mansory used all their past experience on using carbon fibre. We talk about decades of success and eyes-turning products. The material is, as you can imagine or you might already know, very light yet astonishingly strong. Translated into a numerical advantage, this means 10 kilograms less in weight, while making no compromises at the dynamic and aggressive corner of the concept they wanted to implement.

The seat is seawater resistant, made from a specially crafted artifical leather. It is fully constructed by hand. The Black Marlin wields a 550 horsepower beast of an engine made by Rotax. The total dimensions stand at 3.54 meters in length and 1.22m in width, with a fuel tank of 60L. A maximum of three people can stand on it at a time, which means triple fun. The fuel type required is unleaded. Bottom line is, this is a jet ski you buy if you respect yourself. Moreover, if catching everyone’s attention is your specialty, make sure you don’t miss the Black Marlin.





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