This year’s SEMA show was full of power-thirsty Demons, SHelby Dragon Snakes and Hennessey Resurrections. Huge American horses rumbling beneath the hood of these beasts jump started the event. However, if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s some more: the SpeedKore Dodge Charger.

It’s black, mean, and has everything carbon. Bonnet, wheels, inserts, steering wheel, you name it. There’s tough, lightweight carbon fiber all around the beast.

However, it’s not the amount of carbon fiber that makes the SpeedKore Dodge so special, but rather the insane 1525bhp coming out of the 6.2-liter V8 engine.

To achieve the feat, SpeedKore was aided by Gearhead Fabrications in making the engine host two Precision 6466 turbochargers while ditching the factory supercharger. Alongside the forced intake switch, SpeedKore added custom Thitek heads, a Bosch boost controller and dual exhausts with MagnaFlow setup.

The result is staggering. Cranking 1.525 bhp at “just” 26 pound-force of boost not only shows wows, but also reveals there’s room for improvement.

Even better, SpeedKore created the car not just for the show. In fact, this all-wheel drive monster is ready to hit the streets at any given moment, and was commissioned by an existing SpeedKore customer whom also received a tuned Dodge Demon last year.


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