I’m the first one to fight for the benefit of cycling! Yeah, you will probably get a few angry looks from SUV drivers that need to go around you, but you will be the one getting home with a healthy body. Exchanging public transport commute with biking is probably the best way to maximize your daily sports dose. However, you will sweat. Especially if you are climbing steep ramps. Reaching the office drenched is probably not a good idea.

What if you could rest while the bike is still going on? UrbanX is a gadget that will transform any regular bike into an electric one. The best part about is, you don’t need some expensive, tricky mechanism. In fact, everything UrbanX requires is for you to change the front wheel.

The advantage of changing the front wheel to convert to electric power is that UrbanX will fit on mostly any bike. Secondly, your pedaling won’t be affected negative, as with some other electric converters.

You can choose between 3 modes: full electric, assistive mode and fully manual. On full electric mode, Urban X is reaching a top speed of 25 mph and a maximum range of about 30 miles. The assistive mode has 3 levels. Choose whichever you want depending on how much of the load you want the bike to take over.

The biker will adjust the throttle like with a motorcycle, via a handle attached throttle included with UrbanX. Support this project on Kickstarter ($299).