Not many feel nostalgic about the bikes that used to dominate the streets back in the 70s. The elongated flat seat, low profile, fat rubbers and a rather clumsy aspect. We are not saying that being vintage is bad, just that sometimes it just won’t cut it. Fortunately, the Super 73 Bike really brings a fresh air. Although inspired from vintage bikes of the 70s, the Super 73 adds electrifying details.

And by electrifying we actually mean a 1000W electric motor. The unit is pushing the bike to speeds up to 27 mph (about 44 km/h). Theoretically, the bike has enough power to last for 30 miles, which is more than your average Joe’s daily run. Blending the old and new, you will find an USB port right next to the cup holder and bottle opener.

There is a sort of fast charging option available for the Super 73. According to Lithium Cycles, a full charge takes about 3 and a half hours. Finally, the Super 73 also covers the issues of parking. it’s categorized as a bike so any bicycle parking spot is yours too.

Use UNCRATE73 code until 31 Dec 2016 to get free shipping.