What would you buy if tomorrow you woke up with $16 million laying casually next to you? Well, a yacht might not be right up there with repaying a loan, moving out from a tiny apartment or buying a car. Indeed, even though you might have the money for it, the $16 million yacht designed by Porsche is still something for the 2% of the population.

The hybrid sea machine was designed by Porsche F.A. and built by Dynamiq who also gave the name GT115. Dynamiq CEO names it “the gentleman’s superyacht”. And honestly, while we definitely agree, there’s still a considerable amount of cringe when looking back to the price.

The engine is capable of traveling 3.400 nautical miles in one go at a speed of 21 knots. The interior looks definitely as you’d expect. There’s plenty of luxury, hardwood floors and comfortable couches, king-sized bedrooms and a fully stocked bar.

As you would expect, only 7 pieces will be built. By the looks of it, the 7 super yachts were sold even before the production line got powered on. After all, a yacht is a great addition to a hangar of supercars, isn’t it?