This is the first Ford Mustang hardtop ever! Yeah, we’ve noticed the „2” at the end as well. However, the 00001 was a convertible. There is hardly any word that gets more attention in the collectibles world, other than „first”. First of all, let this sink in for a bit. This right here is the very first Mustang hardtop to get a VIN.

According to its history the Mustang was transferred to Yukon by mistake. Historian Bob Fria is the one responsible for tracking the car. Years have gone by. This is just one of the very few remaining pre-production Mustangs from the mid 60’s.

The 0001 convertible is beautifully exposed at the Henry Ford museum. Bob Fria managed to rescue the hardtop Mustang after it went through 13 owners. It took him two years to restore the car to its 1964 condition. The restoration included a 170 CI-6 dated-coded engine.

The Caspian Blue Mustang is the main attraction at Mecum Auctions. The car is available for bidding, although it is for sure to see the price skyrocket.¬†However, this beauty is worth every single penny spent. I do hope it will find a caring owner who won’t make her a forgotten garage queen.