d33-yacht 02

Pirate in Style

De Antonio recently rolled out it’s new models, and one that caught the eye of many Yacht enthusiasts everywhere was the D33! This gorgeous Yacht, built to accommodate a surprising amount of people, is the newest member of the De Antonio family. That being said, its capacity hold a maximum of ten people comfortably is pretty cozy when you consider the size.

At a shocking 10 meters, this yacht definitely stand amongst the smaller ships. But don’t let the size deter you, it simply makes it a solid choice if you’re just getting into the boating life. What you should be looking towards is the commodities that the yacht provides for you. This hardy little craft is equipped with Two Bedrooms, a Bathroom, and a Kitchen!

The amenities don’t stop there, as the luxury cruiser also sports a GPS, an On-Deck Shower and LED lighting. It comes in either a partially covered or open top, and can be in one of three styles! Whether consumers choose the standard, sport or classy option, the angled design is a trademark that makes this yacht stand out.

One of the most unique aspects of the design of this ship is it’s customizable deck plan. De Antonio has given people the ability to design their ship! Choose where to place the seats, whether there is platforms on the sides. Even place where the controls are, the build the ship around your ideals. Whether you’re looking to travel, live on the water, or go pirating this boat is an absolute must!

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