ABT, the major Audi tuner and Vossen Wheels got together for an extremely limited Audi Q7 series which packs a punch hidden beneath a pumped-up design. The official “long” name is Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10, so it is obvious that only 10 pieces will be made.

On the outside, ABT replaced front and rear fenders, skirts, doors and wingtips with new, more aerodynamic elements. The front fascia of the SUV benefits from new carbon fiber elements, both for weight reduction and visual effect. The revised look appears sportier and more luxurious at the same time.

Changes aren’t limited to the outside of the SUV. On the inside, alcantara wrapped seats are branded with the ABT logo on the headrest as well as the “1 of 10” imprint on the door sills and the dashboard. The new carbon fiber gear shift knob as well as the other discrete carbon fiber inserts provide the needed personalization all round.

The wheels are provided by Vossen. The unique Forged set stands at 10×22″ with 5 split-spoke design. The stealth-grey finishing gives a bold note to the overall design. The Miami-based manufacturer’s rims look even better thanks to a 20mm drop in ground clearance, courtesy of ABT’s Level Control system.

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