According to DS Automobiles research, drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles are less stressed in comparison with petrol or diesel vehicles.

The results of the study

In a study of 2,000 UK drivers, more than 78% reported feeling agitated while driving. However, 38% of electric and hybrid car owners say their current vehicle makes them feel less nervous than previous ones.

Stress, according to 31% of those who experience it, has a negative impact on their driving ability. Moreover, stressed drivers are more likely to make impulsive choices and pay less attention to potential risks. This emphasizes the significance of a relaxing driving environment, with 20% of drivers stating that features designed that reduce pressure are something they usually look for when purchasing a new car.

A quiet and sophisticated drive was mentioned by 41% of survey respondents as one of the features that were most successful in reducing stress. 

“At times, driving can be as stressful as it is enjoyable,” said Jules Tilstone, Managing Director of DS Automobiles UK. DS has offered an electrified version of every model in its lineup since 2019.  However, they will only launch fully electric vehicles beginning in 2024. DS provides an unforgettable, stress-free driving experience by combining French luxury savoir-faire and unique technology.

DS features

A comfy interior and seats, as well as a nice ride, are two other features that 52 percent and 34 percent of drivers, respectively, said help to reduce stress. To create comfortable and elegant interiors, DS utilizes sophisticated materials throughout its lineup. This includes  Alcantara, forged carbon, and wood. Moreover, they also have luxury features such as massage seats. These materials are incorporated using couturier upholstery techniques such as pearl stitching and hidden seams where each stitch stops on a full hide.


DS models also take advantage of cutting-edge technology, such as DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, to provide a stress-free driving experience. This segment-first innovation, available on the new DS 4, scans the road and observes every movement. In this way, the system can control each wheel individually and deliver a smooth ride at any time.

However, driving wasn’t the only stressful aspect. More than half (51%) said the entire experience of purchasing and having a car was stressful. DS offers a variety of services, such as tailor-made test drives and vehicle delivery and collection, through its exclusive Only You program. They designed this program to make the experience of DS ownership simple and stress-free.



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