The Ultimate Road Experience

Welcome to the world of SpeedX Leopard. Or better, welcome it in your world, as the potential of expanding it and expanding your experience as a rider, with this bike, is amazing. Why is the SpeedX Leopard called the first smart aero road bike? Simple. Because it has the ability to help you train and track your progress in real time. This means that, using a 2.4″ screen, this bike has its own brain. The thing you have to do at your best is pedaling.

The SpeedX Smart Control records your ride data and gives you back the professional feedback and analysis you need in order to improve your performance and enhance your training results. Ultimately, you can achieve your maximum potential alongside SpeedX Leopard. Besides this, the XCoach was specifically designed to give you training courses to complete, each bearing tasks and challenges, to keep things interesting at all times. Of course, you will be able to measure your own times compared to a global ranking tables.

SpeedX Leopard – Amazing, To Put It Bluntly

The idea behind SpeedX Leopard is to give you the non distracted pleasure of riding. If you’re looking to be one with your bike while riding, go for it. Find your own rhythm, even if it’s about a Sunday ride with your family or a race you’re preparing for, and create your own amazing memories. The aesthetics are amazing, to put it bluntly. All the cables, like the brake one, are completely hidden and the wiring is fully-integrated.

This carbon fiber bike is about speed, strength and light weightiness. Basically, a material like this gives the manufacturer endless possibilities to work, making everything more durable, faster, flexible and aerodynamic. And the constructor of SpeedX did just that. After 1560 sketches, 12 prototypes and one year spent remodeling and improvising, the final result is of the highest quality. How can we affirm that so strongly? Just connect the SpeedX Smart Control with any ANT+ compatible device and enjoy the twelve parameters measured with the built-in sensors, such as heart rate, calories, speed, time, distance, weather, cadence, slope and many, many more. There is so much more to say about it, so go check on their kickstarter project page, make up your mind and decide if you want to take your riding to the next level.