The days of Sci-Fi movies tech seem to have arrived at our garage doors. The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will host some of the most amazing techies from major brands. Apparently, along the main electronic giants such as Apple or Samsung, BMW will also make an entry.

The HoloActive Touch technology will allow users interact with their touchscreen devices – without actually touching the screen. Yeah, we get it the „Holo” part from HoloActive and we’re just as anxious to meet up with the concept. However though, the concept behind the marvel is not all that new.

In a way similar to what Wii or Xbox Kinect is offering, HoloActive Touch is using a camera to register finger movements. Reflections of the touchscreen will be projected near the central console at the steering wheel level. As the camera records finger movements, it will further interpret and transmit data to the onboard computer.

Finally, it seems that the driver will be able to control all car functions. Navigation, media and other performance-related elements will be included. Unfortunately, there is a downside to mention. Apart from the fact that HoloActive won’t reach BMW’s lineup too soon, touchscreen technology still has response issues. Is BMW actually ready to take the next step forward?