Man and machine have always had a special connect. In many ways, the set of wheels you drive reflects your personality. And that is why the alpha among us always ends up with the coolest, fastest cars. It is now your turn to become the alpha with the Classic Jaguar XJR-12.

Pure Racing Pedigree

When it comes racing pedigree, there are few machines that match the XJR-12. Only 4 of them have ever been hand-built. The Fab Four took part in one of the toughest races – the 1990 Le Mans. Sporting a beast of an engine and futuristic aerodynamics, two of the four cars finished #1 and #2.

The result was no surprise.

Now the fourth car of the limited edition series, which was brought to America to race in other competitive tournaments, is up for sale. This is your chance to own a supercar that was kept in a museum because of its achievements.

A Speed Stallion

The XJR-12 boasts of a 7-litre, 730-hp, V-12 engine that has been the toast of many a racing circuit. What sets this classic car apart is the nostalgic 90s aesthetic – a decade considered by many to be the golden generation of speed demons.

Make no mistake, you take the the Classic Jaguar XJR-12 out for a spin, and all eyes will be on you.

Sport Purpose is the legal retailer of the vehicle.  


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