The name is Martin, Aston Martin. The legendary, iconic name that drove James Bond around, as he tried to save the world from one super-villain after another, has unleashed a new set of wheels.

Suffice to say, it looks every inch a machine that a super spy would use; the only difference – the shiny new AMB 001 represents Aston Martin’s first-ever foray into motorcycles.

Beast Mode On

The British automaker has collaborated with another iconic name, Brough Superior, to present to the world a motorbike that is very much a beast hidden inside the body of a machine.

Speaking of body, the AMB 001 sports a pure carbon fibre finish, eschewing the heavyweight metal and steel found in ‘regular’ bikes. Colored in shades of gunmetal blue with a touch of amber yellow for the seat and handles, the smooth, lacquered finish gives the machine the appearance of what it would be like t witness the wind.

And it bloody well is as fast.

At the heart of AMB 001 sits a 997cc V-twin turbocharged engine that produces a roaring 180hp. Prepare to be blown away by pure speed.

The 100

It will sound like music to the ears of the connoisseur that Aston Martin will only make 100 of these beast machines.