Think of the old movies with people living the dream, travelling the world up and down. No hotels or hostels, but using their own mobile home. Airstream, the American RV company goes back 70 years in the past, giving birth once again to the silver bullet.

Wally Byam, founder of Airstream used to roam Europe back in the 50’s with a silver bullet having the famous Globe Trotters syntagm painted on the outside shell. Revving forward to 2017, Airstream brings along a new Globetrotter.

The new iteration is 27 feet long and was carefully sketched in collaboration with UK design studio Astheimer Limited. The end result is an American made RV with the proper European touches. It makes a great deal of evoking the spirit of Airstream founders.

A clean and minimalistic interior of the Airstream Globetrotter can handle up to 6 people. Premium finishes and all-round upholstery catch the eye the second you enter the silver bullet.

Furthermore, buyers can opt for an off-grid system which includes solar panels, dual batteries and an inverter. Having a long road ahead with little chance of electrical outlets? The solar system will fit right in so you can camp in the middle of nowhere and still be able to read after the sun sets.

Multiple themes are available and the price is set at just a 100 bucks under $100.000. Production has already begun. In case you want to dive into a savings account and start the ultimate journey, you can check for an Airstream Globetrotter on the official website.