What do you get when you combine a talented mechanic, an electric motor, and a 2003 Suzuki Savage? Y0u get what’s elegantly called the Leafy Savage Build. Matt Candler, the owner of Night Shift Bikes, has been busting his tail on this build. It shows too, as this old body style is incredibly impressive with the modifications that it has on it.

This once gas powered beast has been modified with an electric motor. This is, of course, a newer concept in the world of Vehicles. But when you see a beast like this tearing down the road, it’s hard to not be impressed. This thing lacks a normal transmission, but as you can see from the pictures, there are wires leading into the controller. Obviously, this thing is electric, right? Consequently, Matt yanked a Nissan Leafy motor and strapped that bad Jackson on there. The final product came out to be a vicious bike with a lot of power.

This thing lasts up to 100 Miles on a single charge, and the power it puts out is no joke. While the transmission may be gone, he’s amped it up. The current power of it puts out a rough 250 amps. All things considered, this bike is quite the machine. The Leafy Savage is a brilliant combination of automotive innovation. Sure it may be electric, but this bike can scream with the best of them. Even those who rebel against electric vehicles will have to turn their heads in appreciation of the design.

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