Ever thought Land Rover will cease to make commemorative and celebratory models of the Defender? If so, you thought wrong! There have been so many iterations of the famous off-road English vehicle that we lost count. However, this time, the 70th anniversary edition of the Defender will come with a V8. One hundred fifty units will be built.

So what’s the catch? A Defender with a proper American engine?

Sadly, Americans can’t have it

Among the outcries of hardcore off-road freedom fans, we will try to clarify things. Yes, the 70th Anniversary edition Land Rover Defender is an amazing 150hp V8-powered beast. It pulls, crawls and looks as awesome as it gets. However, as an American, besides having $207,000 to spare, you will also have to wait for the 25-year law to pass in before you can actually drive it through Texas.

It’s a straight-on collectible

It’s not just that only a handful of these will be made. The 5-liter V8 also makes it the fastest and most powerful Defender to come off the production line – at least that the general public knows of. It was back in 1979 when Land Rover released another V8 Defender. Almost 40 years later, we are blessed with a beautiful rendition of what is known as one of the best offroaders out there.

25-years from now, when the Defender will be eligible for import in US, the $200,000 price tag will definitely go up at least a few times. The almost-quarter million dollar fee gets to sound like a bargain when you look in perspective.