What looks like a motorhead hipster’s take on a cafe racer, but has bicycle pedals? This Vintage Electric Roadster e-bike. Looks retro-cool, and you can ride it for 75 miles without breaking a sweat.

There is however, a price tag that might make for some sweaty hands.

The looks

The lines, materials and color blends on the Vintage Electric Roadster are hard to argue. Brown leather accents meet the bare aluminum and contrast against the black line on the wide top tube.

Furthermore, the electronic display showing speed and battery charge fits almost seamlessly within the painting produced by the rest of the bicycle.

Got power?

There’s a 1124-watt battery powering the Vintage Electric Roadster. Power is fed to a rear motor that features 5 modes. Economic modes will let you cruise for up to 75 miles, while Race mode will drain the battery way faster, but let you giggle at 36mph.

Lightly colored – not lightweight

It would be best if you don’t find yourself at the base of a climb with a depleted battery. Overall, the Vintage Electric Roadster weighs a back-crunching 79 lbs or 35kg. By comparison, a regular city bike weighs anywhere between 20 and 30 lbs (9-13 kg).

However, since it only takes 4.5 hours to fully charge, you should have your moto-looking bike ready over night, either for breezing to the office or across town.

Since we’re talking about lightweight – the price comes at the opposite end of that. Vintage Electric Roadster is available for $6,995 – a hefty amount that may be split into edible bits with financing.