The 2017 Detroit Auto show made a lot of fans smile. In the past, we only read rumors. However, now’s official – Ford is resurrecting the Bronco! According to the information at the press conference, the Bronco will hit the market in 2020. Before that, Ford will deliver the Ranger (another resurrected SUV) in 2019.

Both SUVs will feature a body-on-frame platform – something we really miss. This way, Ford goes to the market with a new mid-size SUV and mid-size pickup. Furthermore, Ford Bronco renderings look really awesome. You can check them below. Unfortunately though, it appears that these are not official Ford renderings. Fanboys will have to pray the actual Bronco will at least resemble these beautiful 3D drawings.

No other info is yet available. We will update in the months to come if data regarding drivetrain or design will surface. Even better, we might get an early spy-shot from enthousiast prying the testing grounds.

On the bright side, Ford stated that both Bronco and Ranger will be assembled in-house, in Michigan Assembly Plant.