How often do you see someone doing some amazing tricks on a jetski? People dipping down into the water then blasting out into a backflip? How they manage to do such a feat is unclear. Even more unclear is how they manage to do so with a passenger on the back. Regardless, they manage to do it with ease and grace, and their equipment is up to par with such a need.

The very aesthetics of the waterski are impressive. The Teal and red pop out to the eye quite easily, and the design is built for quick movements and confidence in trick riding. However, this isn’t for the faint of heart.  This beast holds up to 60 to 300 horsepower when flying across the water. Also, the entire design is built for flying and getting better at your craft!

The Polytec material that the casing is designed from actually balances durability and weight. It keeps the machine as light as possible without adding unnecessary weight. The braking system has been completely designed to brake faster with „greater peace of mind” as referenced by the company. The placement of the foot pedals allows for greater standing ability. Many of the tricks require shifting of body weight, and the foot-pedals allow for more confidence in that field. Even the trim of the design is made to help you pull those complicated tricks easier. The entire machine is built to help nail down that trick and win the girls heart. This Jetski should be the newest one on your list!

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