The old Audi Q8 was mocked by car testers as being the Dynosaur, since it took 10 years for a new model to show up. Now, Audi is going even further. The Detroit Auto Show will host, among others, the Audi Q8. This super-luxury SUV limousine is basically out of the grid. There’s hard to figure out competitors at this level. Mostly, Audi Q8 will go against BMW X6 and Range Rover Sport.

According to a leaked document, the Q8 will feature influences from the 80’s Audi Quattro. Obviously, the car that is to be revealed in Detroit later this year is a concept. This means sharp edges and tiny side mirrors, along with other gimmicks that won’t make the final cut. Also, expect giant wheels.

The teasers and renders show that the Q8 is wider and taller than the Q7. It will probably also boast a more powerful engine. That is going to be impressive, given that Q7 is currently the leading large-size SUV on the market.

According to various sources, Q8 will be presented in Detroit as an E-Tron version (hybrid drivetrain). Spy shots, also listed below, show a sporty bodywork in action, although heavily camouflaged. Check more shots below: