Some while ago I discussed the Volkswagen Camper Van which was able to fulfill the needs for even the pickiest travelers. Freshly off the assembly line, a new van is competing for the title. Based on a Fiat Ducato van, motorhome and camper manufacturer Hymer stepped up the game on conversion kits. The Ayers Rock can accommodate up to four people and run with decent performance.

Power is provided by a 6-speed multijet Fiat-Chrysler diesel engine, successfully carrying the overall load. Inside the van, a fully featured kitchen is available including a refrigerator. Alongside, a 100 liter fresh water tank and a 11 liter boiler are installed. There is also a fully functional bathroom including a shower, sink and toilet. Waste is collected within a 100 liter tank.

Beds are installed above the floor, and up into the extensible roof made of waterproof textiles and providing an awesome view towards the sides. Who doesn’t love to take the top bunk, anyways? Price starts at around $51,000. More info here.

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