Given that almost 60 years ago, caravans weren’t affordable by every John willing to go out fishing for a few days, when the first camper van was introduced by Wolksvagen, people saw the affordable, compact, mobile home that it was. However, lots of progress were done since: both in terms of technological advancements and design. Not long ago, VW unveiled the new California camper van, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

The new T6 isn’t exactly what you’d call a rendition of the his grandfather, the microbus. Still, there is no need to panic; this mobile home really catches up the lost style when it comes to upgrades and 21st century engineering. The fourth in its series, VW’s California van is built in Hanover, Germany. It comes along in two different configurations: Beach and Oceanic. The first one holds a 2 liter, 102bhp turbocharged diesel engine, while the Ocean features also a 2 liter, but rendering 204bhp from its direct stratified petrol injection.

Inside, you will find just what you would expect from a small camper van: roof bed, sleeping four. The Oceanic version also comes with a pop-up roof that’s hidraulically controlled, offering a sudden boost in available space, complemented by dimmable LED lights. The same version also holds a fully equipped kitchen with 42 liter fridge, stove and a stainless steel sink. Engineers did not forget the driving part of using the van, so it comes assisted with the latest technologies in the field. The Driver Alert System detects unusual patterns in steering that could indicate fatigue, and alerts the driver. Brake Assist and Automated Colision Braking are also included.

Given the data above, we could say that, even though we will probably never get to see the same class and style of the old camper van, the new T6 California surely makes up by increased comfort and safety.