Custom dune buggies are a vehicle type in which Brabus is utilizing Mercedes-AMG power, something the German manufacturer undoubtedly did not foresee.

The 900 Crawler has an AMG twin-turbo V8 that Brabus has increased in capacity from 4.0 to 4.5 liters to generate 900 horsepower, enough to hit 62 mph in 3.4 seconds, like previous uptuned-based supercars and G-Wagons in the German tuner’s 900 series.

For excellent reasons related to its exclusive off-road focus, torque and peak speed have been restricted to 774 pound-feet and 100 mph, respectively.

According to Motor 1, the 900 Crawler has a towering 20.8 inches of ground clearance, surpassing the G-(9.3 Wagon’s inches), Ford Bronco’s (11.6 inches), and Jeep Wrangler’s (10.8 inches) by at least double. It also sits on a unique tube frame.

Portal axles attached above the center of the forged gunmetal wheels are what give the vehicle its height, and height-adjustable struts with 6.3 inches of travel are what give the vehicle that height.

The 900 Crawler weighs 4,550 pounds without gas in the tank, making it a big dune buggy in large part due to the massive motor. It does not have a windshield or doors, but that is not due to a lack of weight-saving techniques; the scooped bonnet, roof, fenders, side skirts, and spoiler are all constructed of carbon fiber.

Although the driving experience will be more exhilarating than anything else in Brabus’ lineup, the company nonetheless used parts from its upscale supercars.

Full carbon fiber racing seats have a mix of leather and Alcantara on the steering wheel, and they are covered with red weather-resistant Silvertex and embroidered with Brabus emblems.

The pedals, footrests, and mounts for a cutting-edge GPS navigation system that sits in front of the passenger and can be loaded with a variety of digital maps made of red anodized metal.

Given the ludicrous $787,000 price tag, Brabus will also include four carbon helmets and a two-way intercom with the purchase. Through 2024, just 15, at a pace of five, will be manufactured.