Insanely expensive luxury cars for kids are old news really. However, Rolls Royce just recently joined the pack. Unlike McLaren or Morgan, the British luxury car maker built just one piece. You might expect it to be thrown at a RM Sotheby’s auction, but this is not the case.

Instead, the SRH was delivered to┬áSt. Richard’s Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery Unit. The hospital that’s found in the same city as Rolls Royce Headquarters gives the name of the vehicle. This miniature luxury car features a classic look. It will be used to reduce stress levels on young patients walking towards surgery. The hallway to the surgical room is also packed with road signs and lane markers.

Rolls Royce assigned the project to the Bespoke department – the one that normally works with custom orders for various clients. Just because it’s small, the SRH does not lack any quality. The same amount of attention and the same materials were used as in the case of full size Rolls Royces such as Phantom.

Beneath the hood, guarded by a small Spirit of Ecstasy, an electric motor pushes the car around at maximum 10 mph (16 km/h). The speed can be further limited to 4 mph, when needed. Power is drawn from a 24-volt battery.