One of the latest commuter gadgets to check out is this electric scooter from EON. The scooter is designed and constructed in San Francisco. It offers a fast, cheap and alternative way to travel, promising reliability and ease of use , making your day by day commute less dull, taking the boring out of equation. It’s also saving the planet. It also promises to be more powerful, durable and affordable than the competition currently available on the market.

Once officially launched it will be available in 3 different versions, catering to everybody’s needs. The top range, called DUAL PRO, is the most powerful one, offering a maximum speed of 40 mph while also being able to climb massive 45% grade hills. It can cope even with the steepest San Francisco hills. It also comes with an LCD which displays a multitude of information and gives the rider the ability to set one of 3 speed limits.

The DUAL PRO comes equipped with a 52V and 3,000w gearless hub motor, which translates to a blistering 4 horsepower. The normal, PRO 8″ and 10″ versions come with a 48V 1,500w motors. Regardless of the version of choice, they all come equipped with the same lithium cell batteries that power the Tesla Model S. Batteries can be charged through any wall output. The scooters are paired with pneumatic road tires and custom tuned electronics, offering a hill climbing experience like never before.

The other 2 smaller, and even more affordable versions are the STANDARD and MINI, but only the PRO models come equipped with cruise control and folding seat, which has an intelligent, if not a bit quirky mechanism, offering 2 seating positions.

The scooter looks promising and we can’t wait to see it launched, meanwhile you can follow or support the project on their Indiegogo page.