If you’re not already aware, Christian von Koenigsegg builds some ridiculously fast cars in Angelholm, Sweden. Thousands of horsepower and aerodynamic designs to let them blow past the 300mph mark.

Obviously, someone needs to test these cars to their limit. That’s where Robert Serwanski comes into play. He’s got quite a few rides under his belt, including some amazing laps around Goodwood, Suzuka and Spa-Francorchamps.

But, when he’s not handling tons of horsepower with surgical accuracy, Robert does wonders in a Miata around the Nurburgring. In his latest video, we can see him setting a record around the famous northern side of the German circuit in an almost-stock Miata. According to Serwanski, the car features bigger brakes, close-ratios gearbox, coilovers and track-ready tires.

Apart from that, it’s all skill. In the video, the Koenigsegg test driver managed a whooping 7 minutes and 38 seconds, beating his former record by almost 2 minutes. Check the video below: