High tech – clean body

No matter how advanced the material used or how well the frame was designed, a bike rested to the same basic setup for decades now. Two wheels, a chain transmission system, pedals, a frame, a handle and a seat. Add some brakes and that’s it, you’ve got a bike. Of course, we do agree that the simpler the better, however since every bit of our lives has been accustomed to modern technology, maybe it’s time to upgrade your two wheeler as well.

Volata Cycles offers you the possibility to own a smart bike – nicknamed Volata, the bike seamlessly integrates a computer within the aluminum frame. Aided by various sensors, it tracks various stats such as your heart rate, performance, and compiles statistics accordingly. To keep you safe on the road, the computer automatically displays signal lights. Apart from that, a self-locking system is available by default, making sure your Volata is as hard as possible to be stolen.┬áPeople wrongly walking on the designated bike path will jump aside when you turn on the 96 decibel horn.

In terms of performance, Volata boasts a belt transmission system that provides minimum energy loss, aided by an electronic shift system by Shimano. With all the features it packs, Volata looks like the best choice both for daily commutes as well as for burning off calories. While it looks sturdy, off-roading sounds like a job for a designated Mountain Bike, rather than this one.