The Ford Bronco is an amazing piece of off-road horse on its own. Many argued that Ford’s decision to discontinue the model in 1996. many more rejoiced hearing that Ford intends to bring it back to the market starting in 2020.

Nevertheless, the classic Bronco won’t ever die in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. Custom builder RMD Garage have worked tirelessly towards what may be the best Bronco we have ever seen roaming the face of well… North America.

The base of the project is a 1969 Ford Bronco. Nicknamed Urban Madness, the 4×4 features military-green coating with gray decals, fully restored frame and a heavy-duty winch.

RMD Garage replaced the original engine. Now, a 302-cubic inch Chevy small-block V8 powers the beast. In conclusion, there is more power under the hood, ready to be exploited.

Other eye-catching design features include a handmade grille, cut-down steel doors and an awesome roll-cage. Furthermore, Go Rhino front and rear bumpers make the Bronco even cooler.

LED lights brighten the way all around the Urban Madness. The garage installed a new custom digital dashboard. To make it even rougher, the interior has been crafted with military-style leather webbing.

Most noteworthy, the Ford Bronco Urban Madness sits on huge off-road tyres, making look fit for a zombie apocalypse.  Wanna buy one? You will have to ask the guys at RMD Garage.