It’s an iridescent blue masterpiece. The Blue Edition motorbike costs no less than $1.9 million and was put together by luxury watchmaker Bucherer and world famous Harley Davidson bike brand. So, how’s the price justified?

It’s unique


First of all, it’s one of a kind – both the product and the color. Furthermore, this attention-grabbing motorcycle features 360 diamonds woven all around its build. If that’s not enough, find out there are actual gold plated screws mounted on the chassis as well. The coating’s precise nuance was obtained via six coats of blue paint laid over the rough silver body.

Scanning the bike, you notice watch and ring holder cases including glass domes designed to resist bullets or other theft attempts. Cases are LED lit for better exposure and their construction was specifically designed to isolate any incoming vibrations from the engine or road imperfections. You do want to keep your jewels safe, right?

First ever motor lit from the inside

Heat resistant LEDs allow the 100PS motor to glow from inside-out. Designers took a regular Harley Softail Slim S and stripped down most components. These were replaced with what the company calls „works of art”. Hand welding, beating, polishing and grounding processes took 2500 hours of work. All was done by a team of eight people.

If you’re curious about the insides of the engine, just have a look. There’s a specifically designed, led lit engine cover hole that exposes the camshaft and gold-plated throttle valves. Speaking of gold plating, the front springs and shocks, exhaust pipes, headlight and hand levers – all feature the very same luxurious treatment.


We’ve mentioned above – the bike is rated at a staggering $1.9 million. It is the most expensive new motorcycle. The historical most expensive two-wheeler record is held by the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter, which is rumored to have been sold at $11 million. Interesting enough, the auction started at a meere $110,000, only to soon end at 10 times that amount.