If you watch the Dakar race, you know what happens when you combine raw power with steep sand hills and no safety barriers. Porsche is not really known for its performance out of the tarmac. After all, Cayenne may be a big boy on the road but will quickly panic when things get slippery and dirty.

There are are nevertheless a few Rambos in this world. Starting from a rottenĀ 1986 Porsche 911, race car builder Kelly moss created the RS Safari. The original car needed everything but a chassis, as the builder says. After countless hours of work, restoring the body geometry and fitting multiple elements, the result is making enthusiasts drool.

The inside is kept to a required minimum. It is prepared for rugged use, with a chassis fixed roll cage, Beard seats and aluminum floor boards. On the outside, most of the body panels are featuring metal, except the hood and engine lid (carbon).

Apart from these, the Porsche RS Safari boasts a huge front bumper with off-road lights. On the roof, there is a roof rack with another set of lights and a spare tyre. Since we are discussing tyres, the RS Safari brings on larger, knobby tyres. KMR provided the modified suspension and fenders to accommodate the tyres.

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