Over the history of bikes, there are a lot of really odd ducks that pop up. However, this amazing bike from the new crew over at Vanguard Bikes isn’t one of them. For such a new company, they’ve really done a great job building this machine. This New York bike is designed to take metal style of design. This stripped down industrial bike is built to encompass the best parts of the industry at an affordable price.

It’s current price lies at $29,995. You’ll have to wait a while before it comes out as well. Right now the company is looking at a release date in 2018. However, if you’re wanting to see the machine up close before then, you’re in luck. Vanguard is going to release its debut showing at the New York Motorcycle Show. After all, what’s cooler than a dashboard that looks all teched out? If you’ve decided to take a look for a new bike, that will be your chance!