Going for a relaxing bike-ride and coping with a tire going flat isn’t the view of a perfect trip that any bike lover would like to experience. Because of that, a company decided to make an airless tire that will not sacrifice your speed and mobility on field.

Although the puncture-free tires are not a completely new concept, they were rarely used because of their poor stiffness, shock absorption, weight and so on. The engineers of this Utah-based company found the perfect solution for these problems. The new design is made from polymer blends that are durable and pliable without being subject to the weaknesses of rubber tubes or tires. The company claims that they provide a perfect balance of cushion and resilience and durability as well. In addition, every tire has an unique design that helps reduce weight, and yet still offers a stable ride.

Moreover, Nexo made sure the tires were manufactured from one single material, which can be easily recycled and that really matters, because around 10,000,000 tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded every year. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building eight times.

A tire that is not affected by punctures or cuts, that is easy to install and requires no maintenance is solving the main problem every biker will ever experience at a certain time. It will provide years of rides without any worries. They are granted for around 5,000 miles without any single problem.

This revolutionary breakthrough saves a lot of time, headaches and money, making sure that the riders are experiencing the best trips of their lives.

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