Present at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Lexus revealed a kinetic car seat concept that aims to stabilize the head of the driver while the car is in motion. The seat features a futuristic design. The main aspect represents a spider-like web starting from the middle of the back cushion. According to Lexus, it is flexible enough to provide a good fit for the body while also allowing shoulder blade movement.

The seat moves along with the body according to weight and outer forces. This way, driver’s field of view is kept steady at all times. Ultra-resistant synthetic spider silk has been used for the web-like cushioning, allowing for prolonged drives to be comfortable. Furthermore, the same material allowed for a lesser weight of the seat, and thus, of the car.

For the moment, there is no clear data on when will the first seats be installed in Lexus cars. One thing’s certain though; you won’t run out of your seat again while trying to beat that lap time. Check out more photos of the concept below:

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