Insanely fast kit car

Modular platforms are definitely the future of automotive industry, as they allow multiple engine and class configurations over the same base, reducing development and construction costs by quite a lot. We’ve also seen kit cars available all over ebay, letting you build a baja or buggy vehicle according to your very taste. Exomotive took things even further, offering a special kit car – one that runs insanely fast.

Exomotive says their Exocet skeleton can be configured with three versions of┬áthe award winning Mazda Miata engine. The chassis comes in three versions: the base model, made from durable steel, a Sports unit that’s more rigid, and a Race version, equipped with a rollcage. Choosing either platform, you can build your own buggy, baja or track car, right from scratch. Pair it with any Miata drivetrain built between 1990 and 2005, then get it running.

Exocet comes packed with all the hardware required to put together the body of the kit car, including bolts and strap ons for body panels. Depending on which drivetrain you opt for, it might be better to choose an aftermarket turbocharger, for improved performance. Nonetheless, an Exocet build may top out at 180 hp, which, given its weight, it’s a lot!

When it comes to pricing, the Base platform is sold for $6999, the Sports version adds another $1500, while the racing base will take $8299 out of your pocket.