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Jeep Wrangler Action Camper

Insanely Awesome One thing I like about Jeep is their vehicles’ constant willingness to improve. When it comes to a model of theirs, there is always room for better. We call this great adaptability. Jeep was always great for riding the most dire conditions because it has the potential to mix it up, never looking under prepared. Thaler Design took … continue reading

$30.000 Buy

Jerry Seinfeld Auctions 16 Porsches

For those born sooner than two decades ago, the name may not resonate as hard as for those whom have had the opportunity to watch the 9-year long series, Jerry Seinfeld is definitely a figure connected to laughs. This time we’re not talking about comedy, but cars. Jerry Seinfeld will auction 16 Porsches of his own on 11th of March, through Amelia … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Aero3s T-Rex

Innovations Of The Bright Minds A special design for a car doesn’t always mean better performance or enhanced visuals. But when it comes to the T-Rex By Aero3s, I guess the situation is different. This vehicle is already street legal in the U.S. so the recognition their efforts is visible. They have a lot of innovative, bright ideas, some of … continue reading

$52.995 Buy

DeLoreans – Back In Production

Back To Future Everyone loved that movie. I mean, there was this little thing called fantasy that we all used to have with us wherever we went when we were kids. But the main attraction in there was definitely the car. For me, at least, it most surely was. The way those doors got up and let me dream about … continue reading

Jannarelly Design-1 Takes Roadsters To Current Era

There are a ton of pipe dream projects out there targeting roadsters. However, it is sad to see that many of them don’t leave design stage while others are barely aesthetic or functional, not even to consider a possible series. Jannarelly Design-1 does, however, take a totally different route and delivers a project inspired from 60’s roadsters but with way … continue reading

Peeling off a new Lamborghini Aventador

Don’t you really love it when you get a new piece of electronics and you are about to peel off the plastic protective cover? We definitely enjoy it, even find it as stress-relieving. Unfortunately, the amount of excitement is directly proportional to the size of the device you are peeling off. And when it comes to small electronics, it doesn’t last … continue reading

GearGate Cycling Tailgate by Hoodworks

You can’t really blame pick-up owners. For the expense of a high mileage, you are getting a tow truck, a workhorse and a decent city road vehicle. The one element that separates trucks from other utility vehicles is the gate. HoodWorks took the best materials and technology from renowned constructors then added a style touch to create GearGate. HoodWorks GearGate … continue reading

$990 Buy

How Much Would You Pay For Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Car?

So, how much would you pay to get a piece of the Terminator’s gear? Although we’re not talking about his shotgun or internal computer, a ride will do just fine. Initially posted on a German auction website, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG is now available on eBay; the best part? Anyone can take a shot at buying it.


$350,980 Buy

Faraday Future’s FFZERO1 – 1000HP EV Concept

We love it when a hypercar knows how to catch the attention of the public. Most of the time, though, real life builds tend to differ from concept art and not necessarily in a good way. It’s not, however the case of Faraday Future’s EV Concept FFZERO1 – a 1000 HP electric powered monster. It still has to prove its … continue reading

Bugatti Chiron Is Set To Be Unbelivable

We’ve all dropped a tear inside when Bugatti released the last of the Veyrons, no question about that. But our grief may be cut short as the supercar maker is preparing an astonishing replacement for its latter flagship. Supposedly called Chiron (no official statement was made on the name), the son of Veyron is definitely built to exceed its father … continue reading

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