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Even Though You’re a Man, You Can Still Improve Your Parallel Parking

Think straight Parking could prove to be one of the main challenges of any road ahead. I remember that when I got tested for my driver’s license, I failed the parallel parking part of the test. It took me a long time to understand how it’s done, but now everything is straight in my mind. If I had this back then, maybe everything … continue reading


When was the last time you saw a properly modded car without the horrid Pimp my Ride styled insertions and packing quite some power under the hood? If the answer is “a long time ago”, then take a look at LUMMA, a design company running great car jobs since 1987. On of the recent LUMMA Tuning’s division masterpiece is the … continue reading

Full Metal Jacket Jeep

Beast Mode: ON You think it’s easy to turn a simple car to a respect imposing, angry, mean machine ? Ask your enemies, they should be the one to feel the wrath of it. Erhm, enemies, I mean, the roads you are about to hit. Got that ? Pun intended. Alright, bad jokes aside, take a look at this beautiful … continue reading

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Ferrari F12TDF

Class demands respect Ferrari, the brand known all around the globe for its high-class, powerful yet so stylish models. These cars represent the dream to many, as they are built on limited editions, something that makes them so hard to get, which results them being so special and desired. It is this sports model you need if you want to … continue reading

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Range Rover Sentinel Is The Bulletproof Luxury SUV

Since 1948, Land Rover imposed itself as a leading power in off-road and on-road vehicles, focusing on large 4×4 vehicles. Since there are people ready to pay huge amounts of money to get a protection grade close to what the president of the United States has, Range Rover has been many times the target of third-party customization companies, transforming it … continue reading


Porsche Cayman Black Edition Looks Mean

While back in May 2015 we were able to witness the introduction of the 911 Carrera and Boxster “Black Edition” versions, Porsche recently released a similar variant for the Cayman. Famous customization options for the inside and outside of the car are mixed together with the black on black colorway. Based on the non-S model, Cayman hides a 2.7 liter, … continue reading


Tesla Model X SUV Comes Around With Strange Doors

Tesla was late again with its latest vehicle release, but this is not something new, as we can recall from previous releases. As the so-called man from the future, Elon Musk, went to the podium to present his vision on Tesla’s latest EV, everybody witnessed the uncovering of Model X, the company’s first SUV. There is plenty to talk about … continue reading


Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman by Kahn Design

Kahn Design are worldwide known for their ability to provide automotive designs for the more refined buyers, looking for uniqueness, separating themselves from their friends and even from strangers holding the same car, but without the custom additions. The main choice of customization by Kahn Design is represented by expensive, high end supercars. Hypercars such as Bugatti Veyron or Aston … continue reading


Terrafugia TF-X Might Be The First Legal Flying Car

Terrafugia is not just a new child company just reaching the market and expecting to revolutionize. They’ve been there since 2006, and they are one step closer to providing the personal flying vehicle that will fit inside a regular home garage. According to Terrafugia’s description, the TF-X should be the easy to handle, lightweight, fast and comfortable flying car. TF-X … continue reading

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2015 Volkswagen California Camper Van

Given that almost 60 years ago, caravans weren’t affordable by every John willing to go out fishing for a few days, when the first camper van was introduced by Wolksvagen, people saw the affordable, compact, mobile home that it was. However, lots of progress were done since: both in terms of technological advancements and design. Not long ago, VW unveiled … continue reading

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