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Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme: Offroad Beast

While it certainly didn’t attract as much attention as the New York Motor Show, there was another public display of automotive awesomeness in Bangkok. This is where Chevrolet defied any hill, swamp and forest road with Colorado Xtreme, a raided up version of the standard Colorado ZR2 sold in the US. Monstrous Body  The hardened look of the Colorado gives … continue reading


The Rook: Massive Armored Response Vehicle

Monday morning commute. Through a yawn, a sip of coffee and the words of the weatherman on the radio, you are trying to keep your car on the lane. It’s not like you can advance too fast in a traffic that’s flowing like molasses in January. Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly go full-on Transformers mode and plunge through all … continue reading

Monday Mayhem #2

Get your drive face on, it’s time for Monday Mayhem! We’ve got 20 hand picked cars to feed your need for some muscle, roar and automotive style. We also added some weirdos to the list. Check them out below and let us know which one is your favorite. Feel free to click on any of the photographs to receive information … continue reading

Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad

It’s A Best In His Category Ludovic Lazareth is a French born and based customized vehicles creator. His work ranges from cars, to motorcycles or even tricycles. His workshop can be found in Annecy-le-Vieux with his moto-madness featured in various productions such as movies. What he does is not just adjusting or adapting what the client already has, but conceptualizing … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Monday Mayhem #1

Since you can’t own a valid man card unless you like the shape, power and roar of cars, we’ve decided to let your eyes bathe with a set of hand picked pictures of cars we’ve considered worthy of your critique. Check the list below, and let us know which one you like the most. Click the picture of each vehicle to … continue reading

Carbonfiber Dynamics: 700HP BMW M4R

Every petrolhead thinks about the BMW M-Series every single time rear wheel drive or drifting is added to discussion. And this is happening for good reason: the German automaker made a name for itself in terms of motorsport performance and general pumped-up road vehicles. You are probably ten times more likely to see an M5 drifting in a parking lot … continue reading

840HP Pontiac Trans Am SE Bandit Edition

Taking modern Chevy Camaros and molding them into the shape of the iconic 70’s Trans Am. There is basically no other model able to revive the same feeling of style, toughness and push the same invitation to ride. As if the “screaming chicken” wasn’t badass enough, featuring in the Smokey & The Bandit movies made even cooler. There was plenty of … continue reading

$115,000 Buy

GT-R Powered Navara is World’s Most Insane Pick-up

Stop! Before reading any further, have a look at the photo below, specifically check out the engine bay. Does that unit look familiar? No? Try a little harder. Think Nissan, but something more awesome than a pick-up. That’s right, it’s a GT-R engine stuffed beneath the hood of an awesomely tuned Nissan Navara. But why? And how? Why? For the … continue reading


Oshkosh Angry S-ATV Military Vehicle

Off-roading is cool, no question about it. Get your high clearance 4×4 monster and start climbing over rocks, dominate swamps and throw mud aside on forest roads. However, off-roading doesn’t happen just for fun. Sometimes you need to go in hard to access locations and keep yourself in one piece; and not just from mud and dirt, but even from … continue reading


960HP Mustang Espionage by Ring Brothers

Espionage is normally the base of being the grey man. Mixing with the crowd, not standing out but keeping your ears open. Courageous, charming and convincing, the looks of a classic spy tends to lighten up the flame in all of us. Although dubbed “Espionage”, the 1865 Mustang built by Ring brothers is everything but the grey man. It’s wide … continue reading

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