[adsense300gray]Dartz Motorz has an interesting history, almost two centuries long. They are a Latvian based company specialized in designing, building and selling high performance  armoured vehicles, which will cost you an arm and a leg.

They are best known for building custom cars for tzars and dictators in the past, the „rock stars” of their times, sort of speak.

As they proudly describe it, Dartz Motorz history was written in the Royal Garages, the only people who could afford their masterpieces at the time.

Afterwards, they made a name for themselves by participating in major racing events, like the Monte Carlo race track, in the Paris-Dakkar rally and even  on the battlefields, any respectable dictator’s playground.

They gained notoriety recently with their Prombron model, which features a custom made upholstered leather. The interesting thing about that leather is that it comes from the foreskin of whale penises, I mean, how cool is that folks?

This exquisite car comes in 8 models, to fit any taste : Iron Diamond, Iron Xtal, Monaco Red Diamond Edition, Black Dragon, Black Russian, Gold Russian, Aladeen, and the Monako . The chassis is available in two varieties : a sedan model and a wagon; also, you can choose between multiple armoring levels, from B2 to B7. The B7 will protect you against  RPGs and even land mines, so you can take a ride in Kabul any time you want with that baby.

The Prombon is powered by a V8 engine, a Duramax or a Vortec variety and it can reach speeds of up to 110 mph.

The Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition is the company’s swan song : it was revealed at the 2010 Top Marques auto show and comes with a hefty price tag : $1 250 000, making it the most expensive SUV money can buy. Obviously, for that kind of money you get everything : gold and ruby badges, gold plated-bullet proof windows, a kevlar coating on the exterior, the car even provides you with 3 bottles of the most expensive vodka in the world.

I bet Kim Jong-Un has one of those.