The philosophy behind Ariel Motor is pretty simple to explain: keep it lightweight, keep it simple and make sure it is fast and fun. This is how their first car came out – the Atom. The aim was to create a sports car ready to take on one of the most basic purposes: be fast on the road and receive tons of fun from this.

Now, everything was taken out of the road, and a new baby was born: the Nomad. This modern buggy compiles the same thought of efficiency by simplicity as its older brother, but unlike Atom, which was designed for track and road, Nomad is ready to take on WRC rally tracks, deserts and green lanes.

[adsense300gray]When it comes to structure, Ariel did not think twice before adding all the best parts to the Nomad. The cage is made using bronze welding, offering a high grade of protection for the driver and the passenger. In the back, polyethylene bodywork and mudguards are completing the picture. Ariel Motor is proud to say that there is not one piece of no-name equipment assembled on the Nomad: Alcon, Eibach, Goodridge, Bilstein, each and every one of them got their gear fitted into this modern buggy.

The Nomad comes with a 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 Valve DOHC I-VTEC Honda engine which releases 235 BHP at 7200RPM, with a maximum torque of 300Nm at 4300rpm. A hydraulic clutch engages the 6 speed aluminum close ratio gearbox.

The Nomad seems as cool as it can get; but there’s more of it: Ariel gives the opportunity to customize the buggy with different wheel and tyre configurations, dampers and brakes.

Take an already awesome rally buggy and make it even better by customizing it to perfectly fit your style; that’s the Nomad.

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