When it comes to vintage machines, a steam locomotive or an WWI Airco DH 1 plane might not be too easy to acquire and maintain. Fortunately, car enthusiasts have an easier job in finding a classic piece of automotive engineering and restore it. This is why it is not something out of the ordinary to spot a reconditioned 1969 Chevrolet Camarro SS, resting in a garage or being driven to a local autoshow.

„Simplify, then add lightness” is the motto of Colin Chapman, founder of Caterham, and the Seven 620 R model definitely yells the motto from all its pores. Although this historical marvel is built with respect to the age it was first designed for, you shouldn’t expect any heavy materials. The Caterham Seven is light, weighting only 612 kg; that’s for the heaviest version.

[adsense300gray]The car does not score high on luxury; you can pay for an arm-rest, and you can pay for paint; yes, both are optional. Given its weight, the Caterham Seven isn’t the fastest car you are going to drive. However, it provides a pure driving experience which is quite difficult to match. There are no electronic systems, no airbags, no turning assist, everything must be done the proper way: manually.

Caterham Seven comes with two versions of its front placed engine: you either get a 1.6 liter or a 2.0 liter Ford Duratec engine which will unleash 210 horsepower and 297 Nm torque. Attached, there’s the 6-speed sequential transmission that delivers power to the rear-wheel drive.

Each and every element of the car will leave a bold impression on you. Starting from the outside aspect and ending with the strong finish from the inside, the Caterham looks gorgeous. Once you add the thrill of pure non-assisted driving, Caterham Seven 620 R becomes the one car every vintage auto enthusiast would kill for.

It’s a few steps away from being a race car, and not many hypercars could keep pace with it. I’ll bet my money that if you put the 620R against a Bugatti Veyron on a tight circuit the Caterham will destroy it. It is extreme in a way only drivers of a BAC Mono or Ariel Atom could understand. The fastest Caterham road car ever is also one of the most intoxicating.